Tuesday, Nov 13, 2018

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Chairman's Welcome & Opening Remarks


How Innovative IP Strategies Accelerate AI/Machine Learning Developments for Competitive Advantage

This session will explore member experience measures in Star Ratings, and identify key operations that impact them, including:

  • Where AI is going
  • Identify AI technologies and applications that pertain to your org's success
  • Understanding why AI is the wave of the future- cost savings, how it affects companies, your clients, etc.
  • How to harness AI innovations for your company's benefit

Joseph Matthew,CEO, Software WORX & Solutions Architect,Amazon Web Services


Panel Discussion:

Facilitating and Promoting AI innovation within your organization

  • What is the relevance of AI to your company?
  • How to develop it internally- based on different sectors
  • How do you motivate & involve your engineers while engaging them to drive new developments?
  • What investors need to invest in intrapreneurship at your company
  • Develop intrapreneurship within your organization to harness in-house innovation
  • Get management onboard while crafting the perfect incentive to motivate your innovators
  • Where their companies have seen growth on their bottom line
  • How they learned of the concept, developed it and made it happens while sharing successes and failures

Ivan Kirchev, IP Sales & Licensing Business Strategy Manager, HEWLETT PACKARD ENTERPRISE

Michael Febbo, Patent Counsel,HEWLETT PACKARD ENTERPRISE

Neel Patel, IP Counsel,AETNA

Tim Bedard, VP & Associate GC in IP,VISA

Sreekar Gadde, Assistant Chief IP Counsel,DYNAMICS INC.


Case Study

How AI development was incentivized and implemented successfully at SKEJUL, INC.

  • How do you get qualified people in the door and actively participating?
  • How do you get non-qualified people in your department up to speed?
  • How were the engineers incentivized to innovate?
  • How were your innovations developed, protected and how are they monetized currently?

Matthew Lamons, CEO, SKEJUL, INC.


Bringing all functions together to understand the importance of AI to accelerate IP development

  • IP Management System- platform for engineers and legal to use
  • Methodologies to improve relations between IP and engineers
  • Create more harmonious communication between IP and engineers
  • Drive camaraderie, engagement, interaction and greater understanding
  • Create more accessible environment
  • Selling the business value of your ideas to topline management by creating confidence & matching your innovation to your company's brand

Dalia Asterbadi, CEO, VERVE.AI

Tim Bedard,VP & Associate GC in IP,VISA

Sreekar Gadde,Assistant Chief IP Counsel,DYNAMICS INC.


Networking Break


Panel Discussion

  • Delivering clarity on how functions change through AI. Motivate & accelerate by harnessing AI expertise
  • Career development for key executives
  • Learn the language and psychology of AI within your organization- Use AI to become your ally
  • Discover how to utilize AI technologies within your organization so they become a strong asset
  • Identify and determine the necessary soft skills, variety of work and best approach to be more effective
  • Adapt in this changing environment by creating more opportunities and connecting with the right people



Yuri Kruman, CEO, Master the Talk & Advisory Board Member, CX Program at Rutgers Center for Innovation Education Rutgers Center for Innovation Education

David Andrews, Legal Data Scientist & Patent Attorney, MASTER THE TALK CONSULTING


Patentability according to the experts

  • USPTO experts will tell us what is considered patentable
  • Best practices explained to pass your patent under first-to- file AIA law changes
  • PTAB requirements debunked
  • Inventor issues that may result from AI technologies
  • Panelists:

    Molly Kocialski, Regional Director, USPTO

    Neel Patel, IP Counsel, AETNA

    Caroline Pinkston, IP Strategist & Portfolio Manager, HEWLETT PACKARD ENTERPRISE

    Tim Bedard, VP & Associate GC in IP, VISA

    Michael Febbo, Patent Counsel, HEWLETT PACKARD ENTERPRISE


US Code Section 101: Perspectives on Patent eligibility criteria post-ALICE: How Zymergen overcame & won

Duane Valz, VP & General Counsel, ZYMERGEN, INC.

12:30 - 1:30

Networking Lunch

1:30 - 2:00

Understanding Identity: Who is the author and inventor for Machine Learning inventions?

Charles R. Macedo, Partner Amster, Rothstein & Ebenstein, LLP


Panel Discussion

Protect and enforce your AI IP

  • Ethical standards in IP
  • Protect ownership rights
  • Control and manage tech transfer by means of license, assignment or other contractual agreement
  • Establish means to pursue infringers
  • Appropriate Trade secrets agreements
  • Patent Disclosure Issues Relating to AI
  • AI Claiming Strategies to Address Disclosure Requirements
  • Patent-Eligible Subject Matter and IA
  • Strategies for Claiming AI as Patent-Eligible Subject Matter

Maharaj Mukherjee, Master Inventor & Program Lead, IBM

Ronald Sia, Senior Counsel, P&G GILLETTE

Carole Boelitz, Former Associate GC, Chief IP Counsel, TERRAPOWER

Richard DeCristofaro, Senior Counsel Intellectual Property, GE Digital



Building your Best Defense: Overcoming challenges & achieving resolutions

  • Current PTAB statistics
  • Post Issuance Proceedings
  • Dealing with NPE's and patent trolls alike
  • How to get around AI patent trolls
  • Proper cost benefit analysis
  • Preparing for Litigation: cost, risks, your best defense
  • Avoiding Litigation: how to avoid without losing on your bottom line and reputation



Case study

VERVE.AI'S journey to the finish line

CEO, Dalia Asterbadi will present her company's successful AI patent journey with her outside counsel. They will offer two phases of AI that will offer defensibility and monetizing tactics

  • How Dalia brought her team together to build a disruptor technology
  • VERVE.AI'S successful patent strategy to validate their patents and utilize them defensively
  • Dalia Asterbadi, IP counsel, Norton Rose Fulbright


Networking Refreshment Break


Panel Discussion

Monetizing your AI IP

  • Increase registrations through enhancement of company reputation
  • Accumulate revenue methods
  • Create new sources of revenue while maximizing ROI
  • Best practices to conduct assertion studies and analyzing your litigation risks
  • Best IP valuation methodologies
  • Enhance licensing/royalty agreements and capitalize on patents

Ivan Kirchev, IP Sales & Licensing Business Strategy Manager, HEWLETT PACKARD ENTERPRISE

Michael Febbo, Patent Counsel, HEWLETT PACKARD ENTERPRISE


Panel Discussion

How to Build a sustainable strategy to maximize ROI

  • Learn best concepts to enhance company reputation and registrations
  • Gain an accurate assessment of your portfolio; AI patents to sell and keep
  • - Indirect vs. Direct monetization
    - AI as a Service (AIaaS)
    - Monetizing strategies in specialized AI fields: NLP, machine learning, deep learning, data science
    and predictive analytics
    - Areas to foster growth and increase overall portfolio value

  • Stay up to date on the competitive market- monitor and identify competitor patent applications

  • - Handle invalidity search and analysis on your most current claims; identify most relevant art
    - Learn the status of technology developments within your organization and out
    - Discover who's in the race to patent, their status of technology development & any prior art

Ivan Kirchev, IP Sales & Licensing Business Strategy Manager, HEWLETT PACKARD ENTERPRISE

Sreekar Gadde, Assistant Chief IP Counsel, DYNAMICS INC.

Michael Febbo, Patent Counsel, HEWLETT PACKARD ENTERPRISE

John Schiffhauer, VP, Intellectual Property, INTEL


Inventorship vs. Ownership: Can a Machine be considered an inventor? How this impacts User & License Agreements

  • Can a machine be considered an inventor?
  • AI as an infringer and its impact on your business
  • From Joint development agreements to new agreements or indemnification, user or license agreements
  • how should these agreements be modified to ensure they are owned by a specific entity
  • Restrictions placed on AI's access to specific data- Yes or no?

Leonora Hoicka, Associate General Counsel, IP, IBM WATSON, IBM

Caroline Pinkston, IP Strategist & Portfolio Manager, HEWLETT PACKARD ENTERPRISE

David Andrews, Legal Data Scientist & Patent Attorney, LEGAL ANALYTICS


Networking Cocktail Reception

Wednesday, Nov 14, 2018



Machine Learning Patents are the wave of the future

  • HEWLETT PACKARD ENTERPRISE's Caroline Pinkston will present from excerpts of her recent whitepaper extracting how machine learning patents are important; where it is trending and how it will impact future AI patents in various major industries

Caroline Pinkston, IP Strategist & Portfolio Manager, HEWLETT PACKARD ENTERPRISE


Utilizing Trade Secret Agreements to protect & monetize your innovations

Carole Boelitz,Former Associate General Counsel, Chief IP Counsel,Terrapower


Acquiring AI knowledge you do not have in-house

  • Cost-effective in-licensing strategies
  • Partnering
  • Co-ownership
  • Working with patent trolls

Leonora Hoicka,Associate General Counsel, IP, IBM WATSONIBM

John Schiffhauer,VP, Intellectual PropertyINTEL


IBM's real-world success in the acquisition of key AI Patents

  • IBM's Maharaj Mukherjee will provide a presentation offering advice on how he's successfully acquired
  • several patents and how his patents continue to make the mark
  • How they're using these patents to their advantage
  • Best practices and winning strategies
  • Maharaj Mukherjee,Master Inventor & Program Lead.IBM


    Networking Break


    AI Legal Ramifications: The most advantageous checklist to perform effective In-Licensing acquisition

  • Cost-effective in-licensing strategies, partnering and co-ownership practices
  • The 101's of grant clause and exclusivity
  • When to utilize sublicenses, joint ownership, hybrid licenses and development agreements
  • 12:15

    Identifying AI Opportunities outside your organization

  • Identifying AI opportunities outside your organization
  • Uncover the latest AI developments to give your organization the upper hand on your competitors
  • Identify the right opportunities to implement AI
  • Acquire AI technologies that make the best sense for your business
  • Connect with the proper AI developers and their respective technologies
  • Best practices to negotiate potential licensing agreements
  • Effective Deal structuring options
  • Grant backs and sublicensing- identifying the most beneficial courses of action

    Lee Cheng, CLO, EFORCITY

    Yuri Kruman, CEO, Master the Talk & Advisory Board Member, CX Program Rutgers Center for Innovation Education

  • 1:00

    Conference Adjourned